Porn Addiction Treatment in Idaho


Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Idaho

Sex and porn addiction can lead to significant personal and relationship issues. Accessing proper resources, therapy, and counseling are crucial parts of recovery. Many resources are available in Idaho where you can begin the journey to recovery, and here is a comprehensive list:

Government Resources and Subsidies

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare provides a comprehensive selection of resources to assist individuals with addiction issues, including sex and porn addiction. However, current mandates do not specify any state-sponsored subsidies or funding directly related to sex and porn addictions. Please note that the available resources might offer services under mental health, which could help treat the underlying issues of addiction.

Public Rehab Resources

Public rehab resources include state-funded facilities, nonprofit organizations, and community outreach programs. Here are some resources you may consider:

Private Rehab Resources

Private rehab resources include therapy and counseling services provided by private practices and providers. Examples of facilities in Idaho include:

  • Brandon and Clark Counseling: Offers specialized therapy for sex and porn addiction.
  • Addiction Hope: They offer various resources, including inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and support groups, to address addiction issues.

Online and Health Information Resources

Online resources and helplines can be a great starting point. These generally offer anonymity and accessibility:

Remember, recovery from sex and porn addiction begins with acknowledging the problem. The resources listed here in Idaho can help you or a loved one navigate and overcome these challenges.

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Charles M Rice

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Mountain View Counseling, PC

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Janet O Allen

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