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Guide to Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Wyoming

Recognizing that you might be facing issues related to porn or sex addiction is a significant step, and looking for help and resources demonstrates your commitment to regain control over your life. In Wyoming, there are several facilities and programs, both public and private, along with online resources that can help you combat these conditions.

Government-Funded Resources

Currently, it appears that the Wyoming government does not offer any direct subsidies specific to porn and sex addiction. However, there are other mental health services made available through the Wyoming Department of Health's Behavioral Health Division. They focus on a wide range of mental health and addiction issues, rendering counseling and support services. More information can be obtained by contacting the department at 307-777-6494 or exploring their website.

Private Addiction Rehab Resources

1. Central Wyoming Counseling Center (CWCC):
CWCC offers a variety of treatments, counseling and therapy for different addictions, including sex and pornography addiction. Their team of dedicated professionals can provide the comprehensive assistance required to overcome these addictions.
Website: 2. Trivium Wellness:
Located in Casper, Trivium Wellness offers services aimed at addressing behavioral health issues, including sex addiction. Their professional counselors work closely with their patients to create an individualized recovery plan.

Public Rehab Resources

1. Wyoming Recovery:
Wyoming Recovery is a premiere drug and alcohol rehab center that provides extensive options for treatment. They offer counseling services that address various forms of addiction, including sex and pornography addiction.

Online Health and Support Information

For individuals searching for resources and support online, there are several websites and organizations offering assistance remotely:

1. The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH):
SASH offers a vast number of resources for individuals dealing with sex addiction.
Website: 2. Sex Addiction Help:
This online platform features numerous resources for individuals struggling with porn and sex addiction.
Website: 3. Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA):
SAA provides online and over-the-phone meetings for individuals who cannot attend in-person sessions.

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