Porn Addiction Treatment in Oregon


Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Oregon

If you or a loved one is struggling with a porn or sex addiction, there are a range of resources in Oregon that can offer help. These services range from private and public rehab resources to online resources and community support groups. The first step is recognizing the need for help and reaching out.

Government Subsidies

For those unable to afford private treatment, some state-funded programs are available that provide subsidized or free treatment. To learn more about these programs and eligibility criteria, contact Oregon Health Authority’s Addiction Services via telephone at 503-945-5763 or visit their website.

Rehab Resources

Private Rehab Resources

Many private facilities in Oregon aid in addiction recovery. Hazelden Betty Ford, for example, is a highly-rate facility offering comprehensive treatment. Call them at 1-866-831-5700 or visit their website.

Public Rehab Resources

Public rehab facilities are available for those who cannot afford private resources. Oregon Health Authority offers a comprehensive list of public rehab centers. Dial 1-800-923-HELP (4357) or visit the Addiction treatment services page.

Community Support Groups

Community support groups play a critical role in maintaining sobriety. Groups like Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) and Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) have regular meetings across Oregon. Check the SLAA or SAA websites for schedules.

Online Resources

Online resources can offer immediate support, education, and community. Websites like and PornHelp offer robust resources, including articles, forums, and paths to immediate help.

Therapy Options

Both individual and group therapy can be beneficial in treating addiction. Oregon Health Authority provides a list of clinicians who specialize in addiction treatment.

Initiating Recovery

Reaching out to a trusted healthcare provider, attending a community support group, or contacting any of the resources listed above can be a first step towards recovery. Remember, it's okay to ask for help.

Maintaining Sobriety

It's important to form a support network, regularly attend therapy or support groups, and prioritize self-care. Practice healthy habits, such as reliable sleep patterns, regular exercise, and a balanced diet.

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