Porn Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania


Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Pennsylvania

Struggling with sexual addiction can be a difficult and isolating experience. Fortunately, in the state of Pennsylvania, there are numerous resources available for those seeking help with their addiction, ranging from government-funded programs to private therapy, and self-help groups.

Government-funded resources

The Pennsylvania Department of Health provides some resources for those dealing with various types of addictions, although these services are typically more focused on substance abuse. However, many of them employ trained professionals who can assist those with sex addiction as well. These include public rehab facilities and mental health services.

Medicaid in Pennsylvania can also provide some coverage for mental health treatment, including therapy and medication that could be beneficial for those dealing with sex addiction. To learn more about the specific coverage options, check Medicaid's website or contact them directly.

Private rehab resources

There are numerous private rehab centers throughout Pennsylvania that offer the needed help for those battling with porn and sex addiction. These services tend to provide more specialized treatment compared to public rehab facilities.

Examples of such facilities in Pennsylvania include:

  • The Center for Sex Addiction & Recovery
  • The Recovery Village
  • Philadelphia Sex Therapy

These programs usually offer both inpatient and outpatient therapy options, group counseling, individual therapy and assistance with aftercare planning. They accept insurance under most plans, but it’s best to contact them directly for specifics on costs and coverage.

Coping Strategies and Assistance

Coping with sex addiction is easier when you’re armed with strategies to help you manage your cravings and triggers. Therapists and counselors specialized in sex addiction can provide you with valuable tools to help you manage your addiction.

Support groups also play a key role in the recovery process. Programs such as Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), and Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) have regular meetings for sharing experiences, strength, and hope. These groups offer an invaluable sense of community which can greatly enhance the recovery process.

Additionally, many people find it helpful to explore mindfulness and stress-reducing techniques such as yoga and meditation. Nevertheless, it's crucial to establish a strong support system and reach out for help when needed.

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