Porn Addiction Treatment in Maryland


Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Maryland

Sex and pornography addiction can be challenging, but it's important to know that support is available in Maryland. This guide provides information on available resources to take the first steps towards recovery and maintain sobriety. Remember, addiction is a disease, and there's no shame in seeking help.

Private and Public Rehab Resources in Maryland

The state of Maryland provides a variety of private and public rehab resources for individuals seeking help. Some are government-funded, while others might be covered by insurance or sliders-scale fees.

1. Baltimore Behavioral Health System: Baltimore Behavioral Health System provides outpatient treatment resources for porn and sex addiction. Contact them at (410) 837-264.

2. The Bergand Group: The Bergand Group in Lutherville and Baltimore provides outpatient therapy and medical management for sexual addictions. Contact them at (410) 853-7691.

Government Subsidies

The Maryland Department of Health provides financial support for addiction treatment through state-subsidized programs to eligible residents. These programs cover a portion of the cost or, in some cases, the full cost of addiction treatment. Contact the department at (877) 463-3464 for more information.

Community Support Groups

Community support groups form a vital part of recovery. They provide a safe space for sharing experiences and learning from others who are facing similar struggles.

1. Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA): SAA provides local meetings in Maryland. Visit their website at to find a group near you.

2. Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA): SLAA also offers support group meetings in various cities in Maryland. Visit for more information.

Online Resources

Online resources are ideal for those who cannot attend in-person meetings or prefer the convenience of home-based support.

1. Smart Recovery: This offers online meetings for those dealing with addiction. Visit

Therapy Options

Various types of therapy can help individuals recover from addiction:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT helps individuals identify and change negative patterns and behaviors. Contact your local mental health clinics for certified therapists.

2. Psychotherapy: This involves talking to a professional about experiences, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. Consult your health insurance for a provider list.

Initiating Recovery

Recognizing and admitting you have a problem is the first step. Next, seek help from a health professional. They can diagnose the severity of the addiction and recommend a suitable treatment strategy. Reach out to the Maryland Department of Health or your local healthcare provider for guidance.

Maintaining Sobriety

Maintaining sobriety involves commitment and patience. Regularly attending community support groups and therapy sessions can help keep on track. Building a strong support system consisting of understanding friends, family, and therapists can be beneficial. Stay committed to recovery, and remember: relapse doesn't mean failure.

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