Porn Addiction Treatment in North Carolina

Porn Addiction Rehab in North Carolina

Guide to Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in North Carolina


Sex and porn addiction are serious issues that affect numerous individuals and their families. In this respect, the state of North Carolina offers a wide range of resources, both public and private, to help those who are struggling. Here are some of the major resources available for individuals facing pornography and sex addiction within the state.

Government Aid

Like most other mental health conditions, sex and porn addiction treatments can be costly, and might deter patients from seeking the help they need. The government provides subsidies for mental health conditions, which may help cover treatment costs. Contact the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for more information.

Private Rehab Resources

There are numerous excellent private rehab centers in North Carolina that specialize in the treatment of porn and sex addiction, with various programs ranging from inpatient to outpatient and aftercare. A few notable centers include:

It is recommended to contact each center individually to inquire about cost, insurance coverage, program details, and admission procedure.

Public Rehab Resources

For individuals who cannot afford the cost of private rehab centers, North Carolina provides numerous public rehab centers. These centers also offer comprehensive treatment programs, including psychotherapy, group therapy, and aftercare. A few significant public centers include:

They offer services at reduced costs or even free of charge for eligible individuals.

Health Information

Seeking help for sex and porn addiction is a critical step towards recovery. The North Carolina Psychological Association and National Alliance on Mental Illness provide vital health information on recognizing and treating such addictions.

For more specific help, please contact a healthcare provider or a licensed counselor who specializes in addiction treatment. They can provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, and support throughout the recovery process.

If you or someone you know is struggling with porn and sex addiction, reach out to any of these resources. Remember, help is available, and recovery is possible.

Judy Scheel, Ph.D., LCSW, CEDS

Judy Scheel, Ph.D., LCSW, CEDS

Charlotte, NC (914) 352-5131

Charlotte, NC - 28202

Patrick T. Hefferan

Patrick T. Hefferan

Raleigh, NC (919) 913-8323

Raleigh, NC - 27613

Julie Martin

Julie Martin

Davidson, NC (704) 850-5834

709 Northeast Drive Davidson, NC - 28036

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