Porn Addiction Treatment in Georgia


Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Georgia

Georgia offers various resources for individuals struggling with porn and sex addiction. These services range from hotlines and self-help groups to counseling centers and rehabilitation facilities. Whether it's a government-funded program or a private clinic, each resource exists to provide guidance, education, and treatment for those seeking help.

Government Subsidies for Sex & Porn Addiction in Georgia

While Government subsidies specific to sex and porn addiction are not typically available, there are programs to assist with mental health services. Georgia's Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities (DBHDD) is a resource to explore for potential financial assistance in the form of Medicaid. DBHDD provides comprehensive support to people in need, which can include behavioral health services, substance abuse counseling, and addiction treatment.

Private & Public Rehab Resources

1. Pathways Transition Programs: This private rehab is an outpatient center located in Decatur, Georgia. They offer individual, group, and family therapy services to cater to various addiction conditions. 2. HOPE Atlanta: This community service board, funded by public resources, focuses on providing mental health treatment and addiction recovery programs. 3. RiverMend Health Centers: A private rehab in Atlanta offering comprehensive treatment programs for sex and porn addiction. 4. The Berman Center: A private outpatient clinic located in Atlanta, specializing in treating compulsive sexual behaviors including porn addiction.

Health Considerations

Sex and porn addiction can cause serious health problems. Besides the obvious risks of sexually transmitted diseases, addiction can lead to severe psychological distress including anxiety, depression, guilt, and a decreased interest in real-world sexual activity. Long-term, untreated addiction can also damage relationships and professional life.

Online Resources and Self-help Groups

SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) and SMART Recovery are great places to start for online resources and self-help group meetings. Online therapy platforms such as TalkSpace and BetterHelp also have therapists who specialize in addiction.


Recovering from sex or porn addiction is a journey that often requires professional help and support. Whether you're looking for public or private facilities, it's important to seek treatment from a licensed professional who understands the complexities of these addictions. By using the resources available in Georgia, you can move towards recovery and lead a healthier life.

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