Porn Addiction Treatment in Iowa


A Guide to Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in the State of Iowa

If you or anyone you know is battling with porn or sex addiction, this guide provides resources available in Iowa for help.

Government Support

Iowa recognizes the severity of porn and sex addiction and provides services to those affected through the Iowa Department of Public Health. The state provides subsidized counseling and treatment options to residents who are unable to bear the cost of treatment. Check the official website to find more information about this support.

Public Rehab Resources

Within Iowa are many public rehab facilities offering services to sufferers of porn and sex addiction. These include:

  • Iowa Department of Public Health: They offer prevention, treatment, and recovery resources for a broad range of addictions, including sex and pornography addictions.
  • UnityPoint Health: Provides personalized recovery plans for those struggling with all types of addiction.
  • Pathways Behavioral Services: Pathways offers outpatient treatment services particularly catering to adults dealing with sex addiction.

Private Rehab Resources

Iowa also offers a host of private rehab centers where personalized care is offered for porn and sex addiction. Some of these include:

  • Grand View University Counseling Center: Offers counseling services to students and members of the community suffering from various addiction problems.
  • Prairie View Management Inc: Provides residential and outpatient services tailored to individuals struggling with sex and pornography addictions.
  • St. Gregory Retreat Centers: Provides confidential, holistic treatment for pornography and sex addiction among others.

Impact on Health

Sex and porn addiction can lead to a variety of physical and emotional health issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, poor self-image, and sexual dysfunction. The sooner the addiction is faced, the better the chances of recovery and healing.

For additional information or a more comprehensive list of resources within the state, refer to the official website of the Iowa Department of Public Health.

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