Porn Addiction Treatment in Kentucky

Porn Addiction Rehab in Kentucky

Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky offers a range of resources for individuals struggling with porn and sex addiction. These include both government-funded programs and private establishments that dedicate their services to help address these issues. It's worth noting that addiction treatment and counseling services might be covered if you have Medicaid or a state health insurance plan.

Government-Funded Programs

The Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DBHDID) in Kentucky strives to ensure that individuals suffering from various types of addiction, including sex and porn addiction, have access to the quality services and support they need. The department provides a variety of mental health and addiction services through multiple programs statewide.

Kentucky’s Bridge Program

Kentucky’s Bridge Program serves individuals suffering from various forms of addiction, aiming to bridge the gap between criminal justice responses and public health resources. While this program largely targets substance abuse, the mental health services provided can also address sexual addictions.

Kentucky Medicaid

Kentucky Medicaid covers some forms of addiction treatment, including counseling and other types of mental health services. Individuals with sex and porn addiction can explore this option, but they need to confirm the extent of coverage with their healthcare provider and the Medicaid plan.

Private Rehab and Counseling Services

Serenity Centers of Kentucky is a private establishment that offers comprehensive addiction treatment services. They have specialized therapy and counseling for various types of addiction, including sex and porn addiction. For more details, you can contact them via their official website or a direct phone call.

Landmark Recovery

Landmark Recovery is another private addiction recovery resource that offers mental health therapy to help break the cycle of addiction. They have a holistic approach to addiction treatment, ensuring every patient gets well-rounded care targeting their unique needs.

The Beaumont Behavioral Health

Offering a wide range of emotional and behavioral health services, the Beaumont Behavioral Health services span from therapy to addiction treatment. If you're dealing with sex or porn addiction, this can be a viable private option.

Public Health Information

Patients suffering from addiction can always benefit from the wide array of public health information provided by state health departments. The Kentucky Department for Public Health is one such resource providing preventive health guidance, extensive health data, and numerous resources related to various health conditions, including addiction.

Likewise, the National Institute on Drug Abuse also provides valuable information and research on the science of addiction, and can be a useful resource for understanding the nature of sex and porn addiction.

Please note that recovery from sex and porn addiction, like any addiction, requires professional help and support from friends and family. As such, these resources are crucial starting points towards the journey of recovery.

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