Porn Addiction Treatment in Vermont


Porn and sex addiction are serious matters that can severely affect one's mental, emotional, and relationship health. If you or someone you know is struggling with these forms of addiction, it is crucial to seek appropriate help. Vermont offers several public and private resources for dealing with porn and sex addiction, listed below.

Government Subsidies and Public Services

Although there is no direct Vermont state subsidy specific to porn and sex addiction, you may qualify for general addiction treatment assistance through the state's Department of Health's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP). ADAP serves as a hub for information and access to services by promoting, supporting and monitoring a network of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services.

Vermont Department of Health

The Vermont Department of Health's Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP) provides a wealth of resources for addiction support, including counseling, treatment and support programs. For more information, call 802-651-1550 or visit their website at

Private Resources in Vermont

There are several private institutions throughout Vermont that offer counseling, outpatient treatment, and inpatient rehabilitation programs for porn and sex addiction. They may not all be covered by health insurance, but many offer sliding fee scales based on income. Establishments include:

The Vermont Center for Sexuality and Intimacy

Located in Burlington, the Vermont Center for Sexuality and Intimacy offers treatment for sexual addictions and intimacy disorders. They use therapies that highlight attachment, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness and discriminatory awareness. Visit their website at for more information.

Private Therapists and Counselors

A number of private therapists and counselors in Vermont specialize in porn and sex addiction. Finding a therapist who is experienced in these specific areas can be beneficial. The Psychology Today website hosts an extensive directory of addiction therapists in Vermont, which can be found at

Health Information about Porn and Sex Addiction

Porn and sex addiction can have serious negative impacts on emotional well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life. Addiction often stems from a complex array of biological, psychological, and social factors, and effective treatment usually involves addressing all these aspects. If you or someone you know is struggling with porn or sex addiction, don't hesitate to seek help - recovery is possible, and it starts with reaching out.

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