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A Comprehensive Guide to Porn and Sex Addiction Resources in Hawaii

Many individuals struggle with sexual addictions such as pornography and sexual activities, often causing significant personal distress and negative consequences on their relationships and professional life. This guide provides an overview of resources available in the state of Hawaii to help individuals impacted by porn and sex addiction.

Governmental and State-Sponsored Resources

Hawaii’s Department of Health offers various resources for individuals with behavioral disorders, including sexual addiction. These involve counseling and therapy services, educational materials, programs, and treatments for addictive behaviors. Unfortunately, specifics regarding subsidies and funding for sexual addiction treatments are not generally publicized. It is advised to contact the Hawaii Department of Health directly to inquire about any existing subsidies or programs that can assist individuals battling porn and sex addiction.

Private Rehab and Treatment Centers

There are several private rehab centers across Hawaii offering specialized services for individuals dealing with sex and porn addiction. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Kahi Mohala: Accredited by the Joint Commission for hospital accreditation, Kahi Mohala offers comprehensive behavioral health services which includes treatment for sex and pornography addiction. They provide a structured environment, group therapies, education on addiction, and ways to cope. Reach them at
  • Pacific Quest: The holistic treatment center offers sustainable care for individuals with sex addiction, focusing on nutrition, fitness and developing healthy coping mechanisms. Check out their services at
  • Hina Mauka: Known for providing a holistic approach to treating addiction, Hina Mauka focuses on the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of recovery. They offer both inpatient and outpatient programs to help individuals overcome addiction. Visit for more details.

Public Health Information

The Hawaii Department of Health provides a wealth of health information and resources on addiction, including sexual addiction. From educational materials and awareness programs to links to local resources and support groups, the Department's website can be an invaluable tool for understanding and combating addiction. Furthermore, they have outreach programs targeted at reducing the stigma surrounding sexual addiction and encouraging individuals to seek help.

Support Groups and Therapists

Support groups and therapists are valuable resources when combating addiction. Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) has chapters all over Hawaii. They offer regular group meetings that provide a supportive and understanding community to individuals in their recovery journey. Therapists specialized in sex addiction therapy can offer one-on-one counseling, psychoeducation, and coping strategies. A directory of such therapists can be found on Psychology Today's website.

Remember, recovery from any addiction is a journey and each step towards recovery matters. The resources available in Hawaii aim to provide comprehensive care that is sensitive, confidential, and judgment-free.

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