Pornography Addiction Christian Counseling - Vera T. Brown, Ph.d


Please visit Pornography Addiction Christian Counseling - Vera T. Brown, Ph.d's website or call them to confirm the hours of operation and/or services listed on this website are still available.

Individual Christian Counseling for Adult, Teens and Couples.

Seniors 62 or Older - Free Services.

Counseling Services:
Family Unity
Pornography Addiction
Marriage Harmony
Sexual Abuse
Anxiety Disorder
Grief/Bereavement Processing
Spiritual Abuse
Physical Abuse
Couple Counseling
Divorce Mediation
Pre-Marital Coaching
Parenting Skills
Physical Intimacy
Divorce Counseling
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress)
Healing of Traumatic Memories
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Mental & Verbal Abuse
Elderly Abuse
Anger Management
Group Sessions
Anger Management
Anxiety Disorders
Parenting Skills
Stress Management
Marriage Harmony
Identifying Traumatic Memories
Temperament Profile Assessment


Last updated: Apr 16, 2024


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